BGMI Tournament Rules- T&C

Entry –Any one can Join any custom Match. You can directly click on any match join button to Play Custom Match

  • If you failed to attend Match in time you need to wait for next match
  • Room ID and password will be shared in the app before 5 minutes of match start time.
  • Make sure you join the Match Room ASAP, before the Match Start Time.
  • If in anyway you fail to join the room by the match start time then we are not responsible for it.

So make sure to join on time. Make sure you join Giveaway match in our App through Email ID or Facebook

The Rewards will be shared within the players who played the match.

The player who failed to join the match will not get the Rewards.

The last standing man gets the Chicken Dinner Award.

  • You will be also rewarded for each kill.

Behaviour Rules –

Players cannot engage with other players in a verbal manner (curse words, racism, sexism).

Players must speak with game masters and referees with respect.

Players cannot share the contact info of game master or other players without their consent.Sharing illegal programs and all third-party programs is forbidden.

Flooding and spamming both in writing and verbally is forbidden.

Players cannot share accounts.

Technical Problems –

All players are responsible for the problems on their Phones and PC’s.

The lobby will not be restarted because of a problem on the players Phones or PCs.

If you failed to join the match we are not responsible.

If the problem has affected multiple players, it’s in the PUBG Tournament official’s initiative to restart the lobby or not.

If Players are less than 75 The Match will be postponed untill players join count is 75+

Usage of Third Party Programs and Bugs –

–All visual enhancing programs are forbidden in the tournament. All bugs usage are forbidden.All illegal programs, usage of macro and third-party programs are forbidden.

Complaint System –

Players may send their complaints to [email protected] within 48 hours of the match.

Complaints sent after 48 hours will not be taken into account.

Livestream Rules –Player who is going to stream tournament they have to host official tournament BGMI Tournaments.

Entrance to the Lobby The lobby password will be given away on the BGMI Tournament Official app, and the players must move to their assigned slots.

The team must be present in the lobby with at least three players. Otherwise, they won’t be permitted to enter the match. (This rule is void if the player disconnects during the game)Usage of Time The players must check in an hour before the start of the match, otherwise they won’t be permitted to join the match.

Players must the ready at the lobby 10 minutes before the start of the match.

In-Game Rules

All matches will be played on the most recent BGMI Version, with the standard rules on Custom Game.

Matches will be played on Erangel and Miramar, on sunny weather.

Teaming with opposing teams is forbidden.

Teaming teams will be last on the rankings without the a need for proof.All team captains must take the end of the game screenshots.

Disconnecting from the Lobby

When all players are seen as #unknown, the lobby will be restarted.

A disconnected player must reconnect to the game. If not possible, the team must continue the match with one man short.

If more than 15 players disconnect, the lobby will be restarted.
After the players start jumping off the plane, no matter how many players disconnect, the match will go on.

If a team leaves the game because a team member disconnected and do not reconnect to the game, will earn zero points.

Teams has to be start with 3 players first map of match. After first map they can continue with 2 or 1 player.

In Case of Draw

If team points are equal rank point will be decider.


Player Changes

Teams may use a substitute player registered at least 10 minutes before the match and between Bo3 matches.

Creating a Team

All team members must be at least 15 years old.

Each team consists of 4 main and 1 substitute players. Having a substitute player is not a must.

Players must play on their specified accounts.

Players cannot swap accounts among themselves.

Transfers System

A players may transfer to another team upon the end of the tournament. (For example, a player playing on X team may not play on another team on the same month)


Upon usage of third party programs the player will be banned from all PUBG Tournament events and the game infinitely.

Upon breaking the behaviour rules, players cannot earn any points from that match.If a team member uses a bug in tournament team get -80 match points penalty.

If a team uses a fake player, all points earned from the matches where the fake player played will be erased.

Teams sharing the lobby password get a one point penalty.

Teams receiving a penalty five times during a tournament will be disqualified from all PUBG Tournament events for 6 months.

The erasing of points is for all points (kills and ranking).If anyone found violating these rules then immediate action will be taken and respective accounts may get banned and rewards may be abandoned.

List of suspended accounts – 

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  1. When I won my rank was #2
    And I didn’t get UC.. I also got most kills..but I also didn’t get UC..why ? Please help me

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